Instant Water Heaters Wahlbach

Instant Water Heater. Small overall dimensions make Wahlbach installation possible very close to a tap point, which guarantees saving of time, water and energy.

  • Heats the water only when you turn the tap on.

  • Money saving - all electricity used is converted into hot water instantly

  • Water outlet via existing tap or mixer.

  • Delivers instant warm water at point of use. 

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Steps to success

Installation Ensure that the assembly and installation of the appliance are connected properly.

Starting And Operating Open the hot water tap. This will switch on the appliance and the heating element will immediately start heating the water. Closing the hot water faucet automatically stops the heating.

Cleaning And Maintenance You may clean the outside of the unit with a damp cloth. Do not use corrosive or abrasive cleaners. To ensure a good flow, you are advised to clean the strainer in the water inlet once a year.

Guarantee excellent value

This appliance has been manufactured and tested according to the latest technological advances. In case of defects, the buyer of this appliance may exercise his statutory rights against the seller under the guarantee, namely for contractual performance, rescission of contract, claiming damage compensation and reduction in cost. read more